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Imagine you could afford to hire Ken Schwaber and Jeff Sutherland
to coach your Scrum team for just one retrospective.

What questions would they ask? What advice would they give you?

Scrum Insight is an automated online Scrum coach that encapsulates 99 years of Scrum coaching experience, and only takes 15 minutes for your team to use.

Improve your team's performance, effectiveness and happiness
with Scrum Insight.

Join 102 other teams who have already benefitted.

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Every detail matters to our automated online Scrum coach so it can give you insight on improving your team's results.

Make sure to have each member of your team also fill in the survey.

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Access the Scrum Insight detailed report for your whole team.

NOTE: we recommend you have 4+ team members and collect their survey codes to use this feature.

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No tricks - see what you get for the free Detailed report and the upgraded Professional report by visiting the how it works page.

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Latest Scrum Insight News

2017/11/12 - Implemented two heuristic approaches to prevent certain types of abusive or fraudulent data entry in the survey. No functional changes to the survey or report.

2017/11/01 - Added a sample Professional report so you can see what it is like before you buy the report for your team. This sample uses live data but has some of the results redacted.

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