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Objective Scrum coaching advice customized to your team.

How Does ScrumInsight Work

ScrumInsight consists of a survey about your team's environment and how your team practices Scrum. Each Scrum Team member gets a unique survey code upon completing the survey. Answering the questions takes between 8 and 11 minutes for each person.

Our software performs sophisticated analysis of the survey responses and publishes a report for the team. The advice and information included in your team's report is based on our experience working with Scrum teams since 2004. That experience is captured in our software in the form of sophisticated rules and a HUGE amount of written content to cover every situation! Scrum Insight is an automated online Scrum coach.

NOTE: we do not collect your email address for the Basic and Detailed reports... you must retain the survey codes for each team member who completes the survey!

Why It Works

How much money and time could be saved by doing Scrum well? It's probably a lot more than you expect. Many organizations struggle to use Scrum properly and miss the incredible benefits of Scrum. In our assessments we find that most Scrum teams are wasting hundreds of thousands of dollars per year. There are many reasons for this gap:

Scrum Insight is an expert system created to encapsulate the wisdom of Ken Schwaber, Jeff Sutherland and other globally-recognized Scrum coaches. It's a bit like one of these experts shows up to your team, asks some questions, watches all your Scrum meetings, has a number of in-depth discussions with team members, and then comes up with the most important, high-impact, low effort activities to improve how you are using Scrum and how your organization is supporting your Scrum team. This expert advice takes less than half an hour to obtain and replaces the equivalent of 83 hours of on-site coaching which could cost thousands of dollars.

The Professional report, at only 500 CAD per use, provides information that an on-site coach wouldn't be able to provide. The Scrum scores are objective, the comparison with other teams is objective, and permanent report is a rarely-provided service for a Scrum coach. As an online Scrum coach, Scrum Insight also offers a level of convenience far beyond that of an on-site coach.

Using Scrum Insight with your team can replace all basic coaching advice you would get from a person and do so now. No contracts to negotiate, no hours to schedule, no risk of hiring someone with no real experience, and no bad advice. Just timely, high-impact insight about how to improve your team using Scrum.

Try it now.

Suggested Uses for Scrum Insight

In Your Retrospective

Take less than half an hour start to finish to get a single high-impact action item for your team.

At the start of your retrospective, you introduce Scrum Insight as "A fully-automated online Scrum coach." Ask your team for permission to try it out by pointing them to and giving them a couple minutes to scan the site. Some team members might even just start the survey. It is important to assure your team members that the survey is anonymous and that no personal information is collected - not even an email address. You can also say that "most people take between 8 and 11 minutes to complete the survey. It's quick even though it looks long."

Once you have agreement from your team, give them 15 minutes to complete the survey. As they are doing it, remind them a couple times to write down or copy/paste their survey code. If they lose the code, there is no way to include their survey results in the report!

Make sure you do the survey too if you are a member of the team!

Collect everyone's survey codes. It's easiest if you do so electronically through email or slack. As you receive survey codes from your team members, enter them into the form on the team report generation page. Once you have everyone's survey codes, you can click the button to generate the report.

For the Detailed report that you get with at least four team members, you will get lots of scores to look at, but be sure to focus on the "Quick Win". This is the key action item for your team to discuss and improve over the next Sprints. Depending on what it is, it may be very easy to implement or it may take a bit of collective effort on the part of the team. Reading the Quick Win together and then discussing it may also spark other thoughts on improvement.

After discussing the Quick Win, then turn to the section on "Education Needs" and go through any items there as a team. This ensures all team members have a common understanding of Scrum.

When facilitating this, please do not try to break the anonymity! Scrum Insight, like any good coach, will not blame individuals, but instead is meant to help a team get better at achieving its goals. Discussing this in the Retrospective is only safe for the team if team members can be honest and look at the recommendations rather than what each team member said in the survey.

Objective Scrum coaching advice customized to your team.